We run contests regularly through facebook, twitter and our website.  If you are here to submit an entry, you are in the right place!!  Submit you photo or post below and you’ll be entered into our current contest.

Current Contests and chances to be famous:


Outdoor Gangster Stories Series:

We want to share your outdoor or adventure story with the world.  OG was started to share and promote the outdoors and we want everyone to participate.  If you have an experience or story you want to share, fill out the contact form below and explain your story, or, attached a word document with your story and we’ll post it on our blog and blast it out on all our social media accounts.   We love to share the adventures of others exploring the outdoors.


*Outdoor Gangster of the Month*    

  What we want:
           We want to see you out there, Killin’ it. All Day. Everyday. Send us pictures and/or video of you kayaking, skiing, climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking, canyoneering, hiking….whatever it is you crave in the outdoors. We would also love to hear why you are an Outdoor Gangster and what that means to you. Film it, write it, whatever floats your boat. Make sure to keep it relatively short so it is of email-able size.  Once you are picked, we send you a few questions to answer so we can do a write up about you.

    What you get if you win:
           Winners will get a blog post all about them! We’ll share your pictures, video and anything else for the entire month you are our OGM. You’ll even see yourself on our website, on our social media and on our promos for months to come! We want to promote you for being awesome. We’ll credit you and blast your materials out on our facebook and twitter accounts as well. FAME!
Free Stuff! Each winner gets a free Tshirt and a wad of stickers! Rock it out!!

          How to Submit your footage and pictures to OG of the month: 
          1.  Email your pictures, smaller video clips and anything you want to tell us to info@outdoorgangster.com
         2.   Send us a data disc via snail mail with your stuff 
         3. If you have a creative way, a drop box or FTP, just let us know. We can make it work.

What you get for being our Outdoor Gangster of the Month:

We’ll make you theoretically famous by editing your stuff together and blasting it out on our social media, web site and blog.     You also get a FREE tshirt and a wad of stickers

**Important note, if you know how, save your stuff as a .ZIP extension and compress it.  If you don’t know how to do it, that is ok, it is just a space saver.

**Also, keep it PC people.  We only want your adventure sports footage, nothing else.

We are taking submissions for GANGSTER OF THE MONTH now.  Get your stuff in, don’t miss out.  Get free gear and a chance to be OG famous.twitter-bird-blue-on-whitef_logo 

*Outdoor Gangster reserves the right to use anything submitted through our contest site for marketing, print or promotional purposes.  All activities shown on this site are preformed by trained individuals and should not be mimiced.  All people entering contests do so at their own risk.  OG is not responsible for anything that occurs while filming for contests entry.


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