At Outdoor Gangster, one of our initiatives is to be activitly involved in our local community and in the outdoor industry in general.  As we grow, we plan on donating, organizing and volunteering with groups that get kids out of the house and outdoors.  We also plan to get involved with stewardship, conservation and education.  Check back often to see what we are doing to give back.  Below is a list of what we are doing so far but there is much more to come!  If you have an organization that supports the values listed above, please contact us, we would love to get involved!

We support the following organizations:

Ogden trails

We are the Adoptees of the Upper Gibbs Loop Trail in the Ogden Trail System.  It is both a hiking and mountain biking trail.  We are in charge of regular maintenence, trail building, litter clean-up and whatever else needs to be done to keep the trail looking sharp!






Stay tuned, there is way more to come!

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  1. stoked on your company! Looking forward of things to come from u guys! Our tiny board shop would love to sponsor events and carry your clothing line! Let us know how we can help out! 🙂 have a good one!

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