Outdoor Gangster provides stylish and exciting hand printed apparel centered on the love of outdoor lifestyles. We believe that people who choose a life in the outdoors, whether it be kayaking, skiing, paddleboarding, snowboarding, biking, climbing, hiking or anything in between, share a special bond with nature and each other. As a company, we strive to encompass that excitement and common love into every thing we do. Outdoor Gangster brings its customer awesome clothes that represent the passion and soul that come from dedicating yourself to the outdoorsy way of life.  

We use our website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts as a way to share the love of the outdoors.  This isn’t about us, this is about you, the people who love to play outside.  We support events, organizations and ideas that promote the outdoors and living the outdoor lifestyle.    Feel free to share your stories, pictures and videos with us, as we want to use our platform to promote everyone who chooses to go outside.

1. Lifestyle Apparel for those obsessed with the outdoors.  We bring you awesome clothes that represent the passion and soul that come from dedicating yourself to the outdoorsy way of life.  We make our own designs, burn our own screens and hand print each of our tshirts!!  We are a super small company started by a few people who live to be outdoors.

2.  Outdoor Information, stories and articles.  We love promoting the outdoors.  We go to events, meet new people and explore.  We love to share our knowledge of the outdoors, the industry and whatever else we can find.  We promote outdoor festivals and do re-caps.  Publishing YOUR stories about your adventures is also something we do on a regular basis.

3. Outdoor Community.  We promote the community we love.  From our “Outdoor Gangster of the Month” contest where we highlight a true enthusiast, to our message boards that connect OG’s around the world, we are all about brining the outdoor community together so we can share our passion and love for the outdoors.  For lack of a better description, One Love Ya’ll.

Outdoor Gangster was started by a few friends who have dedicated everything they do to the pursuit of outdoor adventures. We are ski bums, whitewater raft guides, climbers,  and snowboard instructors. We lived in tents, cars, hammocks and guide houses just so we could spend our lives doing what we love.

We are a small business located in Ogden, UT.  Our website is run through a green hosting site and we use wind power to preserve our playground!

 We hand print our tshirts ourselves! Support the small guy!

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